Vehicle Insulation

Vehicle insulation presents its own set of challenges. Starting with our foam trucks, where we must maintain specific temperatures year round, we have tackled projects from tractor trailers to minivans, from a mobile operating room to an expediter’s home away from home. Read more below, then give us a call to talk about your particular project.

With just a thin skin of metal surrounding it, the interior of your vehicle is at the mercy of the elements. Heating and cooling requires a lot of energy and condensation will be an ongoing issue when temperatures drop. Add to that the booming noise of the cargo box behind you if you are driving a van and there is clearly room for improvement.

The insulation system must deliver as much R-value as possible in as little depth as possible. It must also prevent moisture movement from the inside to the cold metal skin to prevent condensation. Closed cell polyurethane spray foam does both and is our material of choice for vehicle insulation.

Closed cell foam is tough and can be left exposed but if you would like a more finished look, our shop can finish your vehicles with beautifully finished wood panels and trim. Custom light and hardware can be installed to your specifications and we can even arrange heating, cooling and generator installations.

No two projects are exactly the same but check out the photos below, read the testimonials and then give us a call. We would love to bring your ideas to life.

Mercedes Sprinter van, R-10 floor insulation
Two inches of extruded polystyrene provides all important floor insulation for this van, which is used to deliver a perishable and temperature sensitive product (Middlefield, OH)
R-20 sidewall and roof insulation
Temperature stability is critical for this customer so we furred-out the sides and the roof to allow for three inches of closed cell sprayfoam (Middlefield, OH).
Pre-finished paneling and trim
The pre-finished plywood panels provide protection for the foam and a very appealing look (Middlefield, OH)
Expediter van
This Sprinter van is used for time sensitive freight delivery and is the driver's home away from home. Interior volume is critical so closed cell spray foam insulation was installed behind the factory supplied side panels and in the roof, which received custom wood panels and trim (North Ridgeville, OH)
Prepped for A/C
This van was equipped with an A/C unit on the roof which required custom support and electrical supply prior to foaming (North Ridgeville, OH)
Cut-out for A/C
The A/C unit will mount on the roof and the van is ready for it.
Suspended cot
The owner of this van supplied the cot and asked us to find a way to mount it.
Cot stored for the day
A ratchet strap secures the cot in place
International 4300
Box truck conversion with R-20 foam insulation on all sides and painted plywood panels.
Ford Transit Connect van
This insulation conversion, upgraded with wood paneling, made the van much quieter on the high way.

Thank you for the wonderful insulation and paneling you installed on my Sprinter. My nights are warm and cozy without using an artic sleeping bag. During the day I stay toasty with a minimum amount of heat. I don’t have to dread staying in the van during the hot summer months. I no longer have to worry about liquid freight freezing. I also get many compliments on how nice my van looks with the pretty paneling you installed. I couldn’t be happier.
Thank you,
Hi Torsten,
It has been two months since you installed the insulation and paneling on my 2016 Sprinter van and I must say that I am thoroughly delighted. This is the fourth van that I have had professionally insulated and the efficacy of the insulation far exceeds any of the others. Even at 23 degrees below 0 the inside of the van was warn with the heater blower setting on low. The quality of workmanship is superb. The aesthetics are very pleasing. The design was well planned and executed. Your work ethic is certainly to be commended. It was a great pleasure to work with you on this project. The level of care and concern you have for your customers and their needs is truly exemplary.
Thank you,
Martin Schwartz