Building Green

To some, Green Building is all about using alternative materials and building on the cutting edge of technology. These builders and home owners are exploring exciting frontiers and their findings may well work their way into more main stream construction.

The Pure Seal insulation system makes us a natural partner in a green building project. By offering superior energy efficiency and using spray foam with no ozone depleting blowing agents and high agricultural content, we contribute to a more sustainable way of life. To us building green means using good old fashioned common sense. It is about choosing function over flash and investing in the core systems that make a building last and work, now and in the future.

We believe that it is important to:
• do as little harm to the environment as possible
• use sound building practices
• create a structure that will last
• choose materials that will be kind to the occupants
• choose systems that will minimize future energy usage

Anybody interested in green building should contact The Cleveland Green Building Coalition, which is a wonderful local resource. The Cleveland Environmental Center at 3500 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, OH is home to the GBC.