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Welcome To Our Website

Pure Seal is a certified installer of foam insulation and air sealing systems for NEW and EXISTING buildings. We work on residential and commercial projects in Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. 

image Al Gore chose Air Krete cementitious insulation for his home in Tennessee.  Pure Seal is a certified installer of Air Krete and we hope that you will contact us to learn more about how this outstanding insulation system can be used in your home.

For most of us, our home is the single largest investment we will ever make and ownership demands many important choices along the way.  Some results of our decisions will be visible, some will not, but they may all impact our financial future.  Some choices will add lasting value, some will not. Some things can easily be added later, some cannot.

With a truly energy efficient structure you not only reduce your energy bills, you increase the market value of your property.  Whether you are building or updating, the time to make the right decision is now!

Pure Seal exists to help you in this process.  Browse our website and see how we can help you add value and make your home much more comfortable to live in.

We designed this site to tell you a little about us, but more about what to look for when insulating.  As you browse, you will find articles and links to informative websites that we think you will find useful.

Thank you for visiting, let us know what you think of our site and come back often!

Torsten Hansen

Energy Efficient Earth Friendly Economical

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